A History, a Tradition

No other words can better describe the revival of the Québec Remparts. In 1997, after a 12-year hiatus, magic returned to the Québec Major Junior Hockey League, with the team bringing a fresh scent of enthusiasm and optimism to junior hockey in Québec.

The rebirth of the Québec Remparts came when Michel Cadrin, Patrick Roy and Jacques Tanguay saved a regional team from disaster. Everyone applauded when the three philanthropists and diehard hockey fans purchased the faltering Beauport Harfangs in the middle of the 1996-97 season. Although the Harfangs’ arrival marked the return of junior hockey to Québec City in 1990-91, its organization never enjoyed much success.

Fuelled by sheer passion and determination, the new owners took on an enormous challenge. Established businessmen Michel Cadrin and Jacques Tanguay were already well known in the area as pro-active in the regional economy and committed to the local community. Patrick Roy, without a doubt the NHL’s best goaltender for nearly twenty years, devoted himself to building a regional team characterized by both a prestigious past and a tradition of excellence.

Once they began to lead the organization, the team’s owners prided themselves in offering a top quality product to the fans, sponsors and players.  They have also created a brand equivalent to that of any professional team in North America based on the following objectives:

  1. To make the Québec Remparts the junior hockey team in the Québec City region;
  2. To offer its fans, sponsors and public a top quality product both on and off the ice;
  3. To attract and involve a public of all ages, and to be an integral part of the community;
  4. To develop a national credibility, permitting the organization to be recognized as one of the best in Canada.

The Québec Remparts’ market has a potential client base of over half a million.  The Greater Québec region’s 700,000 people make up over 9% of the province’s population.  Already an institution, the Remparts quickly succeeded in developing a sense of belonging and pride in the region it represents.

At the start of this adventure in 1997, the owners opted to rejuvenate the team’s logo, incorporating a stylized tower with a heraldic influence, making reference to the old city walls.   To recall the Remparts’ dynasty, the organization unveiled a new logo in 2004, a stylized “R” – made popular in the 1970s – encircled by the words “Remparts de Québec.”  This logo bears witness to the organization’s strong ties to the City of Québec – the only walled city in North America – and to its many fans.

On February 26, 2011, the owners of the Remparts decide to take on a new partner, and André Desmarais becomes a member of the group.  Very well-known in the business world, Mr. Desmarais, who heads the multinational Power Corporation, shares the same vision and values as Cadrin, Tanguay and Roy.  Ready to become involved with the local Québec community and understanding the philosophy of the Remparts group, he decided to join the team’s present owners.

Join us.  Experience first-hand the intensity, pride and tradition that make the Québec Remparts.